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About Us

A level two B-BBEE company with an excellent safety and quality record

Maintenance Repair Gangs cc. (MRG) is a company with an excellent safety and quality record.
The company has been successfully operating over the past twenty-two years in Gauteng / Mpumalanga / North West / Kwazulu-Natal / and the Free State Provinces.

We do both small and large scale construction repair and alteration projects. Fully trained and competent teams doing continuous building maintenance work.

MRG has designed and implemented our own Safety and Risk Assessment Document that is approved and utilized by all our clients over the last four years.

We strive to deliver an efficient, comprehensive and competitive service. All projects are overseen by Contract Managers with focus on safety plans and high quality workmanship. We deal honestly and professionally with all our clients


  • Our aim is to significantly expand into the commercial and industrial contracting market.
  • We always strive to offer the finest quality designs, site preparations, cost estimates, construction, repair and alteration work.
  • All while maintaining the highest standards of service.


MRG began in the Vaal Triangle area in 1992 when Mr. RM Hamilton, who previously worked in the residential construction area for ten years, began the new company.

The company grew and expanded into the industrial market where to date it has been very successful.
The company gained a reputation for quality and service and has successfully completed countless projects and long term contracts.

MRG is a registered South African company.


Contract Managers are assigned to all projects and their focus lies on:

  • Client relations and the bidding process
  • Co-ordination on projects
  • Cost control
  • Suppliers and Labor relations
Each team has a dedicated supervisor with duties including:
  • Direct supervision
  • Quality control
  • Scheduling material deliveries
  • Insuring all work is performed in accordance with OHS act guidelines and safety plans


Our company markets through a variety of methods:

  • Internet / Website
  • Profile
  • Flyers
  • Referrals
  • Newspaper advertisement
We believe that by designing a standardized method of detailed project planning and supply agreements for all contracts and combining that with an emphasis on quality and timeliness that we can outbid the competition.
With a big and advantageous supplier base and contracts we can obtain material and equipment at significantly discounted rates direct from suppliers giving us the competitive edge.


MRG regards its people as its most valuable asset and places the highest priority on protecting them.
We are committed to operate within the frame work of legislation and governing laws.
We believe that work related injuries and illness can be prevented by integrating Health and Safety into the management of our business by:

  • Establishing site specific safety structures that pro actively encourage a strong safety culture.
  • Continuous conducting of risk assessments to identify and militate against threats to Health and Safety.
  • Always striving to improve performance in areas of Health and Safety.
We understand our responsibility to our clients and communities in managing Occupation Health and Safety therefore we are committed to:
  • Conduct our business in such a manner as to not affect the Health and Safety of others.
  • Safely dispose of hazardous materials as to not affect communities.
Pro active safety cultures are built by:
  • Consultation and communication with staff.
  • Educating, training and equipping staff at all levels.
  • Setting targets and monitoring performance to ensure continuous improvement.
MRG has our own fleet of vehicles for transportation of equipment and material also for personnel / work force.
LDV’s / Mini Busses / Trucks and Tippers.

We comply to the following:

  • Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations (Act 85 of 1193)
  • IRCA safety rated
  • Sasol Safety approved green entity
  • BBEE level Two
  • Liability Insurance (6.5mil)
  • Compensation Commissioner
  • Consumer Act
  • Registered Asbestos Removed Contractor
  • OCSA
  • VAT
  • PAYE
  • SDL
  • UIF